The Texas Blue Wave

Bob Moser, writing in The New Republic, has a story on the gradual blue-ing of Texas. The wave is starting to get some kinetic energy and it’s not just Beto O’Rourke.

Suddenly, Texas Republicans are on the defensive in their national fortress—and they’re both talking and acting like it. The tectonic plates shifted in Texas in 2018,” Senator John Cornyn, the powerful Republican who’s facing reelection in 2020 (with just a 37 percent approval rating) said earlier this year. Cornyn has been sounding the alarms ever since November, warning national Republicans against complacency and spelling out the dire consequences for his party if they can’t stave off the Democratic surge: If Texas turns back to a Democratic state, which it used to be, then we’ll never elect another Republican [president] in my lifetime,” said Cornyn.

This is the shift I’m most excited to see in the next few election cycles. Not sure it will actually go blue in 2020, but wouldn’t that be something?

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