Happy Birthday, Rocco

Happy Birthday, Rocco

The prince of the household.

The family dog turns two today.

This is an occasion where we might’ve had a party, found some appropriate treats, and baked a cake (for the humans). As it stands with this cursed pandemic, none of those things are happening. Still, I wanted to mark the day for posterity.

Rocco, our wonder-pup, has been an incredible member of the family. When he came to our newly-minted, happy home, he was just six-weeks-old and definitely a welcome addition. Today, he is completely entrenched in everyone’s lives.

I am the one who walks him 100% of the time. I take him out at about the same clip, but my step-daughter, who Rocco spends his nights with, does take him out during the wee hours of the morning when he whines loud enough and persistent enough to wake her. Since my step-daughter is about to go off to college, the walking and taking him out at 3 am will fall on my shoulders. Actually, I don’t mind.

Rocco barks when someone darkens our sidewalk. He’s at the window letting the whole household know someone who isn’t one of the four humans who feed and snuggle with him is nearby. I can’t imagine anyone trying to sneak into our house with Rocco on guard.

He also barks in a growly sort of way when chasing a Wiffle ball around the house. It’s a combination of Wicket the Ewok’s growl and a full-throated bark. It is endearing and annoying at the same time. I love it.

Belly rubs and ear scratches always make him happy. The few times he’s had to sleep with me, he’s found the warm crook of my knee and hunkered down for a night’s rest.

I can’t imagine my life now without him. In fact, one evening he was staying with someone else because we were leaving early in the morning and we didn’t want him to be home alone. I had to go outside and do our typical walk because it didn’t feel right not doing it. That sounds so odd, but it wasn’t at the time at all.

Our baby boy is two and he has brightened our days ever since he’s joined our family. What a blessing.