Blade Runner Blues + Rain

In 1982, me, my friend Jeff and his father attempted to go see this new film called Blade Runner at the local movieplex. Because it was rated R I was not allowed in because I was underage (so was Jeff) and did not “belong” to Jeff’s father. I find this hilarious today.

I don’t remember the first time I actually saw Blade Runner. It was likely a rented VHS copy. In any event, it falls consistently into my top ten favorite movies of all time. I fell in love with this noir world with it’s flying cars, perpetual rain, and runaway androids. Today, I have a Blade Runner poster that sits in a prominent place in my office.

Of course, like Star Wars, it was also the music that pulled me in. I proudly own the Esper Edition Soundtrack in mp3. I found this YouTube video of eight hours of “perpetual rain” and Vangelis’ “Blade Runner Blues,” taken from the soundtrack to the film and it gives me great joy.

I work best with music without singing such as classical, piano, and certain movie soundtracks. Having this video in my headphones as I write is relaxing and surprisingly helpful with my concentration.

There’s more at the Cole Phillips Channel if you just want more samples of ambient sounds.