Brayden Harrington Speaks

Both political conventions are over. If you watched, you heard big speeches on both sides. Some good. Some bad.

For me, political conventions are infomercials, and this year’s entrants with their pre-taped segments and video conferencing approach even more so. While I can’t speak for the rest of the country, for me, these conventions did not persuade me or turn me from my plans regarding voting. They didn’t change my candidate, my truths, or my belief in the good of the American people as a whole.

However, only one convention had the most memorable speaker of the two. This young man exemplified enormous courage in speaking before an audience of millions because of his affliction. I’m in awe of Brayden Harrington. If this kid’s courage, his story, his attitude, and his determination doesn’t move you, I’m not sure you have a heart.

If you didn’t watch any of the conventions, missed Brayden’s speech, or want to relive it… I’ve added it below. This is the future I want for my country. I hope you will join me.