Never Know


I’ve never read a Bob Woodward book. I haven’t seen All the President’s Men. However, I do know you don’t speak to Bob Woodward and think you are going to beat” him at his game. Everyone always says something stupid. Donald Trump is no exception.

I’m sure you’ve read or heard the quotes from Donald Trump as he sat with Bob Woodward for a book that will ultimately be more fuel to the fire that is this bonfire of an administration. The only thing I learned is that Trump is far worse than I feared. I already knew he was nothing more than a con artist, misogynist, and racist pig. His handling of this pandemic was bad enough when I believed he was just too stupid to understand the dangers of the virus and did the worst possible things. Now, everyone knows that he did know how bad the virus would be but did nothing. Much worse.

The thing is… I don’t really care that Woodward saved the material for his book. What I wanted him to do was release the audiotapes in late October. Imagine if he would have simply released the quotes in print. Promote the book as factual. These are the words of the President.” Watch the Republicans and Fox News hanger-ons scream Fake News and bleat that Trump would never have said any such thing. Always and continue to say these are the President’s words. Stand firm.

Then on Halloween, release the audio.

Can you imagine the outrage in having to scramble against these actual quotes from Trump tearing through the media cycle? Right before the election?

They didn’t do this because Woodward and his publisher weren’t trying to take down a corrupt President. I seem to recall a time when that was what made Bob Woodward famous.

Wouldn’t it have been fun to do it again? We’ll never know.

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