A New Covenant

Return to normal

I’m a writer. Most of the time, I write sales copy for product boxes and websites. I’m a writer and editor of a couple of publications for my company that is also focused on selling not only products but a lifestyle as well. My point is not the company I work for but what I’ve done for decades: write copy that sells.

If I was writing copy for the Biden campaign to help sell the candidate to the American people, the following is what I’d write for an ad. I’d let the graphic designers and videographers take care of the visuals, but this is my voice-over copy. Imagine hearing Joe Biden speak these words:

My fellow Americans… in these last few days before Election Day, and while millions of you are already voting, I’d like to make a new covenant with the American people. This new covenant is predicated on one thing… I will do everything in my power to bring normalcy back to the United States of America. These last three and a half years under this administration have been nothing but normal. And the last six months have been worse. The American people have lost so much. From your workplace being closed, losing employment, losing connections with friends and family. Your health care in the middle of a global pandemic is at risk. Your kids are unable to go to school. Every day, something new comes along to remind us that this is not normal. Donald Trump has no plan to bring back normalcy. He’s pretended we were already there, and look where it got him and his Republican friends. Vote for me, and my administration will do what it takes to get through this crisis together. It won’t happen right away, but it will happen. There will be a morning when the sun is shining on that great city on the hill. Won’t you join me there?

It’s the first draft, but you get the idea.

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