There Is No Such Thing as Normal— So Stop Waiting for It

Time is a flat circle

Ryan Holiday, writing on his site, has some excellent advice for everyone about how the world should react to the new normal.”

Why should I pine for it to be over or different? What matters is right now. What matters is the quiet hour we had together on that road. What mattered was the sunrise coming up behind us. What matters is that the last eight months have been eight months of being alive—and I chose to live them.


How much longer will it be like this? How much longer until the next change?


No one can say. Nobody knows anything for certain except that change will eventually come.


If people could manage to find happiness and purpose and stillness amidst war, under the rule of tyrants, through plagues far worse than this one, what excuse do we have?




This is normal.


This is life.


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