May These Two Days Be as Boring As Possible

Will Leitch, in his column on Medium, has one simple wish.

Wednesday is going to be a day in American history unlike any other, an inauguration of a new president in the middle of a pandemic and only two weeks after a horrifying insurrection attack on the nation’s Capitol. The outgoing president not only refuses to attend the transition of power, but in fact will not admit that he has lost at all. There have been multiple threats not just on Washington, D.C., but on state capitol buildings across the country. There are background searches being done on the National Guard members who are supposed to be protecting us and our new leaders. There is a shockingly high percentage of Americans who truly believe that Joe Biden will not be inaugurated at all, that Donald Trump is going to find some way to hold onto power. It is as unstable a moment for our country that any of us have experienced in our lifetime.


What’s so odd is that what we are hoping for, what we are so desperately praying for, is for the inauguration to be boring, rote and uneventful. This is not an inauguration meant to inspire us, like Obama’s, or meant to scare and menace us, like Trump’s four years ago. The power and importance of Wednesday comes not from any spectacle or soaring rhetoric. All Americans want — and it is important to remember that this is what a vast, vast majority of Americans want — is the dull tradition of one president leaving office and another one taking over, something we’ve done dozens of times without incident, to go on without a hitch. We want to watch it, see that everything is just fine, and then go on with our day. I think seeing such normalcy might be the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life.

Yes. Please be an exciting, but normal day in Washington.




January 18, 2021 | Politics