I used to have a newsletter-type thing on Revue. I posted stories and commentary about the stories I curated. It was basically a digest of online stuff (articles, blog posts, videos, music) that I found interesting. I could link to a story and write an aside or a full paragraph about the story. The downside was I couldn’t ever go back and fix any problems or create a backdated archive from scratch.

It ran for a couple of years, and then I just got tired. I tried switching to Mailchimp to make it more interesting for me, but that lasted only a month and three or four emails before I called the whole thing off. 

I thought I might do something on Medium in the same way. It was okay, but it didn’t work quite the way I wanted it to for me. It just didn’t have the right set of features and I abandoned that project.

When Substack hit, I opened up an account and thought maybe I’d restart my little newsletter on this new platform. I did a bunch of test posts, mostly to figure out the interface. It was okay, but not perfect. I could have posts in the archive set at any date, but it didn’t have the rich media output for articles and blog posts like Revue.

It was around then when I turned to reexamine this website. I changed nearly everything in the hopes that I would make it my permanent home online, and for the most part, it is. However, I still don’t quite have a proper home for a newsletter. At least not in the way I want.

Basically, I want a combination of Revue’s rich media embed capabilities and Substack’s ability to post on any date. 

I’d call it Stackvue1.

Maybe someday, Substack will add rich media embeds that can be manipulated like Revue. Perhaps someday Revue will allow backdated issues. I’m not going to hold my breath on either happening anytime soon.

I wonder if I’ll get a response from either Revue or Substack after this tweet?




February 15, 2021 | Tools

  1. Trademark, me. As you might have guessed, Subvue and Revstack already exist