My Ultimate WandaVision Theory

Not your father’s Avengers…

My Ultimate WandaVision Theory

I’m likely not alone with this one…

Over these last few weeks, I’ve been really enjoying WandaVision on Disney+. It is highly inventive with a mysterious premise and hopefully a payoff as good as the setup. Just one more episode, and we’ll know. 
My personal knowledge of Vision and the Scarlet Witch was pretty limited before I dove into some comic history. I was aware of the marriage, the twins, Wanda’s predilection to cause wholesale changes to all of reality, and Agatha Harkness. Talking with friends, I mentioned I was pretty convinced Agnes was Agatha Harkness even before the big reveal in Episode 8. 
The overarching mystery and the presentational format are the two big reasons I kept coming back. The format of using television sitcoms over the decades is like nothing that has ever been done before. I can’t even imagine pitching the concept to Disney, let alone being in the writer’s room when the premise was greenlit. They must have been like kids in a candy store.

So far, I still am not sure what’s happening on this half-hour offering about a witch and her husband synthezoid. Sometimes when I watch a good mystery, I try and figure things out before the characters do. Here, I simply can’t wait for the next reveal. WandaVision is a topsy-turvy magical roller coaster ride, and I love it.

I will admit, I didn’t think WandaVision would be for me when I saw some of the early teasers. When The Mandalorian dropped, I was there hook, line, and sinker. WandaVision is a slow burn, which has made it much more enjoyable to me than anything else currently on television, except This Is Us.

When I was a kid, my Dad used to get Starlog magazine. I would devour it from cover to cover. It’s how I learned about other older science fiction shows from across the pond like Doctor Who and The Prisoner. It was The Prisoner that took hold of my imagination. Watching it back then, I was confused and bewildered constantly, much like my experience watching WandaVision. The not knowing was the best part.

Another of my favorite science fiction tropes is the multiverse (hey, that sounds familiar…). When WandaVision did the cool fake-out on Pietro, I was quite stunned. As with everything on this show, I have no idea what casting the X-Men movie version of Quicksilver versus the MCU version means. My only guess is that there’s going to be some multiverse madness happening soon. Yes, that was a joke. I know Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness is coming and that Wanda is featured prominently.

All of this brings me to my big theory about WandaVision and the future of the MCU.

I’m firmly convinced this show is the starting point of forming the 2015 version of the Ultimates. Let me explain.

Not your father’s Avengers…

Black Panther was an enormous success. If there was ever going to be a new Avengers-type team in the MCU, the Black Panther character was no doubt going to be involved even with the untimely passing of Chadwick Boseman.

Captain Marvel being introduced in her feature film along with a young Monica Rambeau made me think the MCU was definitely rebuilding for the next phase of movies.

Once I realized WandaVision was featuring an older, contemporary Monica Rambeau, I knew she was likely to gain her electromagnetic powers, which happened on the show. With the tease of her mother’s codename of “Photon,” I’d bet she picks that name versus “Spektrum.”

Additionally, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed that Xochitl Gomez had been cast as the MCU’s version of America Chavez, also known as Miss America, in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. America Chavez has the power of traveling between universes.

We have four of the five members of the Ultimates team. The only character missing is Adam Brashear, otherwise known as Blue Marvel. Monica mentioned knowing the “perfect aerospace engineer” who could help with the town’s energy force. Guess who happens to be a scientist with powerful energy generation and absorption powers?

My theory makes sense, and it gives Disney something new to the market. It is imperative to present this as something new and not Avengers 2.0. The fact that there isn’t a white male on the team is also groundbreaking and something new and different in today’s superhero landscape.

The only thing you’d have to do is change Blue Marvel’s name to something like “Ultramarine,” and you’d be good to go. Although, to be honest, they kept Rocket Raccoon for Guardians of the Galaxy, so maybe all bets are off on that front.

While the mysteries of WandaVision hopefully get answered next week, I think the bigger picture for the MCU is getting started.

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