Escape the Zoom Zoo and Mobilise the Metabolism

Nicholas Bate with some advice

All days are special. Monday: fresh start. Friday: whooopeee!. Wednesday: almost there……But Saturdays. What a day. A-slippin’ and a-slidin’ between the world of work and the world of play and rest. Some chores, some catch-up. Fewer deadlines, fewer crises, less concatenation of support silos’. Action, not Zoom ZooChats, not conference calls. A real meal, not a baguette at a keyboard. Saturdays are the air-lock of transition from craziness to sanity, the hey-you-can-stop-running-and-look-up-from-your-phone’ days. Saturdays allow you to breathe deep and full, mobilise after a sedentary week, wash your socks, listen to music, spend time at stuff, drop him/her a note, lie on your back and think. And then play ball to detox those slide-decks from your metabolism.

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