Will it Be the Roaring ’20s Again?

Rebecca Onion (What a great name…), writing for Slate, reviews the expert opinions on if the 2020s might copy and paste from the 1920s.

I remain very interested in the reasons the 20s appeal to our imagination right now. Of course, it’s the booze, the sex, and the parties. But it’s also a decade with a very strong identity—and I think that helps.

I think it’s important to note, no one says, Roaring 30s.”

I tend to think there’s going to be a massive uptick in parties as 2021 winds down and the pandemic is firmly in the rearview mirror. My best guess is this is exactly what will happen right about New Year’s Eve 2021 through 2022 and likely beyond. 

Apologies to Prince, Two Thousand Two Zero, party overruled out of time. So tonight we’re gonna party through Twenty Twenty-Nine.”

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