What Do I Want?

On his blog, Greg Morris asks a pretty important question about upgrading and wanting more.

Upgraded my phone, tablet, computer, and anything I could get my hands on almost constantly in a search for something better. When in fact it wasn’t better it was looking for, it was an answer.

He realized he was trying to fill a hole with tech purchases, but that wasn’t working.

I wanted something to fill another hole in myself. It didn’t matter what the hole was, but I filled it with buying tech. Simply because I thought it made me look cool on the internet. Although every upgrade offered me something, these things are not what I needed. What I, and load of people like me, needed was to get to the root of what I really wanted. What was I trying to mask and fill with buying things?

I strive to find the right kind of minimalism, but curating my collections is difficult. I have outdated technology I should sell, comics I will never read again that should find new homes, and more.

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