My 10 Favorite YouTube Creators

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My 10 Favorite YouTube Creators

So much content.

While at home during this awful pandemic, I found myself occasionally falling down ye olde YouTube rabbit hole and finding a whole ‘nother wonderland of entertainment I never knew was possible. Or, you know, I just clicked to watch a video I wanted to watch, and ye olde algorithm found me some more related videos. The funny thing, I don’t think any of these content creators I’m gonna highlight below have much in common.

Still, all of them have a ton of content that you can fall down that aforementioned rabbit hole and enjoy. I highlight either a video I loved from them or one that feels the most representative with each creator.

Here’s a list of excellent YouTube content creators who deserve some or more attention in no particular order.

FilmJoy — Movies with Mikey

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Over the years, Mikey Neumann has put together an impressive array of video critiques about the movies and specific movies. His voice is unique, and his observations almost always spot on and insightful. I wish I could remember the first time I saw one of his videos, but it had to have been four or five years ago. I feel like it was The Rocketeer video, but I’m probably wrong. A recent video outlining the vision of Speed Racer is one of my favorites (see above)

His celebration of film deserves more views.

Marie Poulin

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So, I use Notion as a daily life/work/info dump of things. It’s a way to create notes, databases, kanban boards, wikis, calendars, and reminders. When I was trying to figure out how I could use Notion to the best of its ability, I stumbled across Maria Poulin and her videos. She has a massive collection of Notion Mastery videos that are inspiring and overwhelming. I currently use a variation of her daily theming template for, you guessed it, daily breakdowns of personal/work/diary.

If you use Notion, you probably already have heard of Poulin. If you aren’t using Notion and want to get started, she’s a good place to start.

Matthew Cooke

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Matthew Cooke appeared on my radar with his video Message to America. Stand up. I was impressed with his passion and his voice. The video above was also shared virally and made a lot of people on both sides pay attention.

I’m sure if you are a Republican, you will take issue with his point of view. I would encourage you to listen a bit closer.

Rick Beato — Everything Music

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Rick Beato is amazing. His videos are smart and fun. His series, What Makes This Song Great?, is what got me hooked on his channel. The Journey “Don’t Stop Believin’” episode is a perfect example of how he breaks songs down into their parts and explains how they work separately and within the song structure.

If you have music theory knowledge, his videos are awesome. If you don’t have any music theory, it’s fascinating to learn. I also enjoy his takes on his Top 20 countdowns on everything from acoustic opening to drum fills to rock anthems.

Mark Manson

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If you’ve heard of Mark Manson, it was likely because his best-selling book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, was everywhere a few years ago. For me, a friend of mine turned me on to Manson through his website. It was only later that I found his YouTube channel and started paying closer attention. He has so many videos I’ve never watched (and probably should).

Some More News

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One of the creators I follow on Twitter pointed me to the above video about a year ago. I had never heard of Some More News, but I had definitely heard of the John Krasinski video series. I never had much of an opinion on Krasinski, but this video changed my mind. Of course, the rest of the Some More News series has taken on all sorts of topics in a way that is better than some of the more mainstream press and nighttime talk shows have.

3D BotMaker

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If you are looking for a quick break from work, loved Hot Wheels, and want to watch something that will definitely make you feel like a kid again, the 3DBotmaker Diecast Racing League is right up your alley. The videos seldom are longer than ten minutes, and while you watch, you might actually forget it’s all just diecast cars racing down a track.

If you want to learn more, the beginnings of 3DBotMaker tell a wholesome family story.

Matt D’Avella

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I’m pretty sure I found Matt D’Avella’s YouTube channel while searching the interwebs about sugar. I’m in a losing battle with consuming sugar. I ate too much food with added sugar or sugar substitutes and was looking for info about quitting sugar. After watching the above video, I then learned more about D’Avella and found his videos interesting and inspiring.

Ali Spagnola

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Ali Spagnola is my pretend artsy music friend who has fitness and fun down to a video science. Her life is super interesting. Her apartment is cray-cray. Her fitness stuff is over the top, and her “What If” series taking popular songs from one artist and turning them into songs by another artist is so, so good. I’m incredibly impressed with her creativity.

Her life is, ahem, outrageous. I want to be her real friend.

Craig Simms

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I am a terrible musician, but I love finding cool music-type stuff on the internet. I’m not sure how I stumbled on to Craig Simms channel, but it’s exactly where you need to go for all your KISS karaoke needs. It’s obvious he’s having so much fun playing these songs. Unless you are a big KISS fan, you’ve never heard of “Tomorrow” off of Unmasked, but after listening to the track sans vocals, I’m sure you will think like I do that it’s definitely the best Cars tune they never recorded.

Yes, of course, he has a video for Rock and Roll All Nite.

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