“You’ve Got Mail!”

For years, I would walk into the local Barnes and Noble and buy a book or two. The employee checking me out always asked for my email address. I always said no. I don’t want more sales offers and pitches in my email. I already filter what I do get and most times I delete them without looking.

I wondered how many people actually said yes?

When email was new and exciting it was awesome to get a new message. You’ve Got Mail!” echoed and it was cool. Now, everyone’s email has far too much spam.

What if Barnes and Noble’s employees told customers they had just won a $10 gift certificate? They could say, Congratulations! You just won a $10 gift certificate. Can I email it to you? Your email will be entered to win more gift certificates each month.”

Now it’s about the customer getting something instead of Barnes and Noble. That feels like Marketing 101.

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