Donald Rumsfeld On The Bus To Hell

John DeVore, on Humungus, wrote a little something about the passing of Donald Rumsfeld.

Under Rumsfeld’s watch, the U.S. tortured and abused prisoners and tens of thousands of innocent people were killed in wars that still smolder. That war on terror’ transformed America into a country that surveilled the world, and it’s own people, in a paranoid attempt to prevent terrorism. It cost this country unimaginable amounts of blood and treasure to secure this feeling of security and in the future, when the war on terror is studied, they’ll find a story of fear and cruelty and a handful of men who had too much faith in the power of violence and the right of America to do whatever it wants.

Rumsfeld is dead now, which means he’s part of history. And history forgets details because history is lazy. History is what happens when the truth takes off its pants and gets comfortable.

What a cruel and stupid man.

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