How Sad, No One Wants To F**k Trump Supporters

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-in-red-t-shirt-looking-at-her-laptop-3755761/


John DeVore, writing on his site Humungus, mentions how college-age women don’t want to date Republicans. Apparently, a think-tank writer named Eric Kaufman wrote an essay in The National Review this week that postulated “conservatives need to make more babies or risk securing a future for white, Trump-supporting children.”

Kaufman sees a future where an all-powerful liberal majority crushes conservatives underfoot, like a terminator cyborg stomping a human skull. He suggests, somehow, that liberals are a rising evil empire and ignores that Trump-supporters are, first and foremost, uncompromising. They refuse to debate. They long to torment and mock and ‘own the libs.’ They are proud of their refusal to hear what other people have to say.

Even if I were to meet a charming, attractive Trump-supporter who I wanted to get to know romantically, we would be doomed to fail because their entire political identity is based on being an intolerant asshole who doesn’t care what you think.

Look, I live with a college-age woman, and she has already figured out that Trump supporters are assholes who deserve to be avoided, shamed, and shunned. My step-daughter is far smarter about race, sexual orientation, and politics than I ever was at her age. Like The Who said, “the kids are alright.” It’s the aging conservative population that’s in real trouble. Being a Trumpist is a comfortable delusion. It is madness. It is unreality. It is dangerous.

I fear what DeVore fears: young men who think they are “owed” things.

The only thing Kaufman doesn’t do is threaten to weaponize horny young men, but that’s coming soon. There will be more political violence, and the tip of that spear will be young conservative men manipulated by older think tank intellectuals into believing they are owed power, and money, and sex.


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