The Five-Step Twitter Schedule

Tim Denning posted something interesting about Twitter that I had no idea about.

Twitter’s algorithm doesn’t want to promote automated tweets, over tweets published by real humans who are posting in real-time, and therefore, responding to their tweets in real-time. It makes sense. Follow this schedule to grow massively on Twitter.


  1. Post a tweet that is a question at 6 am New York time. Questions on Twitter generate lots of comments and help the algorithm give you a boost.
  2. Between 8 am to 9 am post your best tweet for the day which is usually a tweet thread (a series of numbered tweets that read like a blog post). The previous question you posted will help warm up the algorithm for this tweet thread.
  3. 2–3 hours later retweet (re-share) your morning tweet.
  4. Again, 2–3 hours later, retweet the same tweet.
  5. Remove the retweets at the end of the day.

The first hour of a tweet has the highest impact. The life of a tweet is 24 hours. Retweeting your morning tweet two more times in a day helps it reach its maximum potential. Without retweets a tweet simply fizzles off and dies much quicker. (I had no idea this is the case.)


This big-name Twitter personality also taught me that 3–4 tweets per day is the maximum you should post, with 2–3 hours between each tweet.

Not once have I ever thought about any of this in this way. It makes complete sense and might actually be a good plan, except for the fact I don’t want to “grow massively on Twitter.”

But if I did…




August 10, 2021 | Social Media, Twitter