The Top Ten Favorite New Streaming Shows I Can’t Wait to Watch


Just a few days into September and all the new and returning network and streaming shows are getting premiere dates. This year, what I’ve noticed is there are a lot of brand new streaming shows that have caught my interest.

Although, so far, Nine Perfect Strangers doesn’t appeal to me and I think I’ll wait until Only Murders in the Building is complete before diving in. On the other hand, I was surprised by how many new shows on streamers I’m really looking forward to watching. Most have trailers, a bunch of these are based on existing IP that I love, and I’m looking to see how they translate it on screen.

Y: The Last Man | Sept. 12 on FX on Hulu

Right out of the gate is a show based on a beloved and award-winning comic book series. Fans are going to be upset because it will not be a story pulled directly from the comic. This one will be getting lots of scrutiny.

Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol | Sept. 16 on Peacock

I have not read The Lost Symbol, so I’m not even sure the book is a prequel to The Da Vinci Code. This adaption is definitely a prequel and they’ve decided to make Robert Langdon less Tom Hanks and more hot. I’m interested to see if the mystery is worthy and if it’s getting good buzz.

The Premise | Sept. 16 on Hulu

This is an anthology series that looks like a Twilight Zone/Black Mirror ripoff. Created by B.J. Novak (yes, the guy from The Office), I still have no idea quite how this is going to work. It looks interesting. It also looks pretentious and silly. Who knows?

Star Wars: Visions | September 22 on Disney+

What if Star Wars, but anime? I love the idea of taking the ideas and concepts of Star Wars and telling some tales outside of regular continuity. I’d bet one or more of the popular ones become cannon. The trailer presents a ton of different stories and styles.

Foundation | Sept. 24 on Apple TV+

Since Game of Thrones, there has been plenty of streaming shows vying for the title of “next” Game of Thrones. This is one of them. I read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series years ago and I’m understandably hoping for some epic storytelling with modern special effects.

The Problem With Jon Stewart | Sept. 30 on Apple TV+

So Jon Stewart is coming back to do the news in his own entertaining way. That’s enough to get plenty of The Daily Show fans excited. The every other week format makes zero sense. I just don’t get it. It will likely be really good, and everyone will want it weekly.

Cowboy Bebop | Nov. 19 on Netflix

As with Y: The Last Man, this adaptation is going to have a lot of eyes on it from fans of the original anime show. If it doesn’t hit with the fans, I can’t imagine it getting a second season. John Cho does look fantastic. They’d better keep the original opening.

The Wheel of Time | Nov. 19 on Amazon

This is the other upcoming new show that could be the next Game of Thrones. Maybe. I don’t know anything about the source material which is a nice way to experience this story. For me anyway, it was exactly the same way I experience Game of Thrones.

Hawkeye | Nov. 24 on Disney+

Disney+ is batting a thousand with their streaming options based on Marvel Studios properties. Not much is known about this show other than it’s going to feature the Kate Bush character. I would imagine it’s going to be great.

The Beatles: Get Back | Nov. 25 on Disney+

Its esteemed director Peter Jackson making a documentary about the Beatles. Sign me up. What a Thanksgiving surprise.

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