Seriously, You Can Still Ignore Trump

It’s still racist.


Will Leitch on Trump:

I’ve enjoyed the last 10 months of not having Trump barge his way into every conversation I’ve had about anything, whether it was sports, movies, music, food, whatever. Trump’s signature skill is turning every conversation into a conversation about him: He may be as good at that as anyone has ever been at anything. But his ability to do so has dwindled considerably since he left office and was kicked off social media platforms (you may remember this happening, it was because of that whole “inciting an insurrection” business), and it has not, personally, been unpleasant. Having Trump less a part of public life is like having a long, emotionally abusive relationship end: It’s as if we had forgotten that life wasn’t always like this, and didn’t have to be moving forward.

My wife and I were talking about this very thing. I had not “seriously” thought about this orange clown in months. And then he shows up at the World Series, does the racist chop cheer, and people are talking about his stupid smirk and his wife (who obviously isn’t getting paid enough).

I know the answer is not to give him any oxygen. This is about all I’m going to give.

Go away. Nobody likes you.

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