Ayo Dosunmu Jersey Raising

Just an incredible honor. What a great ceremony.

It also speaks volumes that DeMar DeRozan, his Bulls teammate, NBA All-Star, and MVP Candidate made the trek to watch this ceremony.

Jeremy Werner talked to DeRozan and got an impressive quote:

It’s big. That’s my teammate,” DeRozan told Illini Inquirer in the bowels of State Farm Center. We spend the majority of our days together. We go to work together. This moment is something special. It’s more of an intimate type of thing that you just want to experience. I know what it’s like. I had the honor to get my jersey retired in college. I know what that was like to have friends and close people that I respect and appreciate be there, it meant a lot. I just know what that moment means for him. …I didn’t care how far it was. I just wanted to come support my teammate.”

If I was an NBA player with basketball 24/7 and traveling all the time, I’d have a hard time spending a full evening traveling to watch some college basketball. It was really cool of DeRozan to make the trek.

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