Twitter and Me

I was never on MySpace. I barely use Facebook. I was on Tumblr, but deleted before the takeover. My Instagram has eight posts. I am never going to have a TikTok or a Mastodon account. I have curated Twitter to be absolutely perfect for me. If it dies, I will be sad.

In all likelihood, Twitter will fail whale soon. Once it goes down, I’ll wait until Automattic or Substack or someone else decides to take it over. I would rejoin a reconstituted Twitter with better, smarter leadership. I won’t go and “learn” a new social media service.

If Twitter never comes back, I will be sad. However, it’s not like I don’t have other things I should be doing instead.

If Twitter kills @TweetDeck and @tweetbot, I will be out. Using anything else is not worth the trouble.

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