See You On The Other Side


I’m taking a sabbatical from posting on Twitter for the month of December. I still like using and reading Twitter, but I’m just not sure I want to remain here. On January 1, I’ll evaluate how I feel and what Twitter even looks like in the new year.

In 2023, I’m rethinking my social media presence. I barely use Facebook and Instagram anymore. I looked at other microblogging sites, but no. Twitter is curated to work the way I want it to work, but things are changing at a rapid pace in a direction I can’t really support.

I’m not looking to replace Twitter with another microblogging platform. I honestly don’t need to do so. I have this blog where I should be posting my “microblogging” thoughts, my photos, and other things I want to share. It just makes more sense.

So, 2023 might be the year I put my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts into cold storage. I would not be deleting the accounts. I’d simply be deleting everything on them and locking them down. I have not decided if that’s what I’m going to do yet.

Now I have a month to decide.

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