The Republican Clown Show is Scary, not Funny.

I wish I could muster much energy to write about the clown show currently happening and has been happening for several days now in the United States House of Representatives. I’m not one for popcorn watching the proceedings with glee. I’m more in line with what Dahlia Lithwick of Slate wrote:

We’ve moved on to the next era, the post-Crazypants era, in which various unqualified gun nuts and racists vie for the empty throne, without either the purse or the limited vision of the reality-show star who came before them. None of the disruptors care about much of anything at this juncture. Whether the prospect of Trumpism without Trump chills you or relieves you, the fact is that the MAGA faction that has stymied the transition to a GOP-led House is essentially leaderless—but it is also powerful. That is not, at least to my eyes, a meaningful improvement on 2021.


If you are confused, watch this:

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