Sean McDevitt is an author, professional copywriter, freelance writer, and scrambled eggs maker who lives and works in Champaign, Illinois.

On most days, I work in marketing at Horizon Hobby. In my spare time, I write articles for the University Of Illinois Department Of Intercollegiate Athletics. I’m the author of the children’s book, Goodnight Princess, and the noir-tinged fumetti The Beautiful Kill. Upcoming works include a short story and essay collection titled Captured Ghosts and a novel.

In the years I’ve been online, I’ve had plenty of blogs, journals, and other assorted places for my writing. I’ve written long form essays, short form takes on current events, link posts, short stories, six word stories, over-shared, under-shared, and basically flopped around on the internet like a fish on the deck of a boat.

I’ve had HTML journals, Flash websites, Blogger blogs, WordPress blogs and HTML5 sites.

I’ve written on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Medium.

I’ve posted pictures to Picassa, Flickr, and Google Photos.

To write I’ve used Word, Pages, Byword, Editorial, Write, WriteRoom, Write Space, Desk, and Google Docs.

I’ve had intricately designed websites, boring websites, minimal to a fault websites, silly websites, and websites clearly “inspired” by others.

I’ve had landing pages, currently in progress pages and abandoned pages. Now, I’ve decided to have one place for everything. And you’re on it.

In the past, my thoughts were not always my own. I, far too often, regurgitate opinions of others. I didn’t take the time to write and process my own thoughts. Warren Ellis recently said referencing his own need to think, write and have a place for those words, “Mindful living makes the quiet times. But I still need a place to get thoughts out in front of me where I can see them, so here I stay.”

Taking that cue, this is my place. Everything from various places into one central location. I’m surprised by how much content I actually created in the decades of online writing, editing, picture-taking, etc. I produced. Some of it is actually pretty good.

I haven’t published daily ever, but when something is on the front page, it will be worth your time. Promise. This is the place to write and think out loud… reminisce about times past and the lessons learned. Comment on the crazy world we live in and the crazy household I live in. Talk about pop culture and political ruminations. Basically, this place is where my words will live. Although, I’m apt to change a few things for publication…

Today I live with my beautiful and talented wife, two incredible step-daughters, and Rocco, the cutest Teddy Bear dog in the world. I cheer way too loud for the St. Louis Cardinals, support University of Illinois athletics, and continue to look for the next big adventure.

Be seeing you.