Five Ways To Fix Star Trek: Discovery

I watched the first season of Star Trek: Discovery mostly to see if my theories were true and to see where they took the franchise. I was right for the most part. I knew Ash and Voq were the same. I knew someone was from the Mirror Universe masquerading in the DISCO universe. I knew the spore drive was going to be abandoned. After all that, my interest was a bit meh” on watching season two. However, the Pike-era Enterprise making an appearance along with some excellent casting has piqued my interest. Still, there is so much Star Trek: Discovery needs to fix to really establish this show in the pantheon, make the fans happy, and keep it on the air for longer than two seasons.

Here are my fixes to Star Trek: Discovery.

  1. Fix the continuity/cannon

    It certainly looks like the showrunners and writers are making a concerted effort to merge what diehard fans understand as the look and feel of this era of Star Trek and what Discovery is showing us. It’s probably not as jarring to the average Star Trek fan, but it is screamingly bothersome to the diehards.

    Here’s the fix: Establish the whole DISCO universe is a parallel universe or better yet a pocket universe. No one is buying that it’s the TOS universe or the Kelvin timeline. What if a being such as Trelane or Q has created their own little universe? What if the red angels (the season two central mystery) are the proper universe breaking through? What if the red angels are harbingers of an entity that feeds on entire universes? What if some event in the past has created the DISCO timeline/universe? Maybe the Picard series will see him traveling the multiverse attempting to fix it?

  2. Make Burnam the Captain

    It was a nice idea to try and create a Star Trek series with the captain not being the lead on the show. I think it was an ok idea, but it really doesn’t work. Burnam is the lead character. Make her the captain and while you’re at it explain her first name. It makes no sense to name a female Michael. Also, Michael Steele from The Bangles is not her given name.

  3. Solidify the crew
    Now that we have a Captain Burnam, lets make Saru the first officer. We already have Staments as the Chief Engineer. I’m guessing somehow we are going to get Dr. Culber back, but he wasn’t even the CMO. Tilly needs to be on the bridge so I’d make her Helm. Need a communications officer and security officer which could be the same. There are so many no name people on the bridge.

  4. Abandon the Discovery

    I think one of the worst things about the show is the exterior design of Discovery. It is ugly and there aren’t many good angles. I hate the color and the cut-outs. I want a new design, so I’m advocating the ship being marooned in the 33rd century and the crew getting a NCC-1031-A. Maybe a Constitution-class ship?

  5. Throw the whole thing out and start over

    This show should have been set in the far future well past Star Trek Nemesis. It could have been set up with nearly everything else intact and fans and diehards would have been more forgiving of the technology and continuity errors. Additionally, with how they cast the Pike-era Enterprise, I would be much more interested in following the adventures of Captain Pike, Number One, Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew instead of Burnam and the Discovery and I haven’t even seen Anson Mount, Ethan Peck and the rest of the actors do their thing yet. However, Star Trek: Discovery is what we got. Sigh.

    So, I’d really try to start over and really reboot Star Trek: Discovery. Set up all the things I wrote above, and take cues from TOS and TNG and tell science fiction stories. Stand-alone episodes are better and provide comfort food for Star Trek fans. I love ongoing narratives and maybe there’s a good one coming up on Discovery with the red angels… I’m just not sure.

January 16, 2019

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