Let’s Talk About Poop

As you may have read, we have a new puppy in the house. Rocco is now just over two months old and is still learning what it means to be the family dog. As it turns out, we are all trying to figure out what it means to have a family dog too.

It’s been a fun journey of discovery.

One thing we’ve talked about more than anything has been pee and poop. Has he peed?” Did he poop?” He peed in the living room again!” Can you please take him out?”

At the same time, I read a recent article on MEL Magazine about guys who don’t clean their ass.

The whole story is fascinating in that it showcases men who are unbelievably stupid in how they maintain their cleanliness. This quote from the MEL piece stuck out to me:

The issue of boyfriends with dirty butts peaked in 2017 when @KeithCalder posted this now-deleted tweet, which detailed a man who felt his masculinity threatened if his fingers came anywhere near his butt. He told me that a real man doesn’t go between his cheeks or spread them for anything,” the wife’s post read. Men do not spread there [sic] cheeks to wipe or clean … nothing goes between them.”

I’ve never ever heard of such a thing.

Early in our tenure with Rocco he ate something that did not agree with him and he was having ugly, messy poops. After one bathroom break outside, we brought him inside and he was just whining and doing the carpet crawl thing. We quickly realized he had poop still on him and in his fur and he was upset. An excursion into the bathtub helped clean him up and he learned not to eat whatever it was that upset him and that he’s not a big fan of baths.

I can’t imagine walking around knowing full well I’m not super clean. I’d probably whine like Rocco.

I also learned about polished anus syndrome which sounds as awful as it likely is.

September 8, 2018

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