2013 and the Future

It is amazing to me, as a science fiction reader, to write the words “2013” and not think of rocket packs, flying cars, domed cities on the moon and vacations to Mars. Alas, we got the internet instead.

Of course, the internet is an amazing thing. It allows, for one thing, to have this outlet available for me to write, review and comment on whatever I want. It really is incredible to be able to simply write what I want and anyone with an internet connection can read my words. Has there been a more easier way to communicate thoughts and ideas?

I’ve read that telling a few people about whatever big endeavor you are about to do (diet, writing a book, run a marathon, whatever) helps increase the likelihood of finishing the task. So while I don’t really have resolutions at the beginning of a new year, I will have a few goals that I’d like to accomplish. These are big, important goals, so instead of telling just a few friends, I thought I’d tell the internet. Hopefully, it will mean an even greater likelihood of a positive outcome.

I’m going to write more. I go in phases where I write a ton of essays on this here blog and then I sometimes go into commentator mode where I’m just commenting on stuff. Basically, I’ve decided the more Tumblr oriented stuff (quotes, pull quote commentary, occasional photo/videos) will remain. However, I’m also going to try and put together a nice blog post/essay on whatever is on my mind each week. This one is essentially the first one.

Archive my blog life. I have had several different blogs since 2001. I’m in the slow process of grabbing all the various flotsam and jetsam of my internet life and getting it all under this URL. This is a massive undertaking, but fun. It may actually take me all year.

Pull back on my RSS consumption. As of this writing, I have 76 feeds in my Google Reader. This morning I woke up at 5am and went through all of new feeds and read/deleted many of the posts I had clicked on to read later. It took me about an hour. It’s far too much. Add in the fact that I pushed some of the articles to Instapaper to read even later/archive, and it would seem I have too much on my plate. I’m not sure what my ideal feed number should be, but I’m going to try and get things down to maybe 50. Wish me luck.

Reduce my social media consumption. I’ve already pretty much given up on Twitter. I will likely go back and cull those I follow on there to just friends. Although, I may add some of those accounts to my RSS feeds in Google Reader. My Facebook feed is where most of my social media stuff has been focused, so I’ll keep that up and running. Still, it’s a slow burn. I flow through my Facebook feed quickly about once or twice a day. I’m planning on sprucing up my LinkedIn account, but some of the other social media–I’m looking at you Google+–may go buh bye.

Photos to Flickr. I’m planning on buying a Flickr pro account (2 years at $45) and uploading all of my photographs. I’ve used Flickr off and on, but I’ve decided it’s time to get serious and do it. Having a Doxie scanner will make it immediately easier to do. No more pictures on my iPhone that I didn’t actually take with the phone, but still any picture I want to find in seconds.

Documents to Evernote and Google Drive. The aforementioned Doxie scanner is essential to my desire to get rid of and organize various pieces of paper I have floating about and in plastic filing cabinets. I have notebooks of crappy drawings I want to keep. I have annoyingly sappy poetry I’d like to keep. I have tax returns that would be really cool if they weren’t taking up room and living the high life in the cloud. Evernote is also essential in keeping everything tidy and password protected (premium account $45 per year). Google Drive will be for any scrap of writing I’d like to revisit and maybe turn into something worthwhile, a HOLD file so to speak.

Journal every day. Day One is one of the best apps I’ve ever seen designed specifically for one to keep a journal. In the past, I’ve been terrible at doing such a thing, but when I have and I’ve looked back on it I was amazed at the stuff that came out. So, keep a journal starting pretty much a few months ago. Check.

Get healthier. I’m starting a new diet/lifestyle change. Basically, I’m doing the Tim Ferriss advocated Slow Carb Diet. Very little in the way of carbs Sunday-Friday and then hog wild on Saturday. As I write this I’m almost done with week one and I’ve lost two pounds. Kind of impressive.

Get my life organized. I don’t have a will. I was waiting until my daughter turned 18 so I could leave everything to her. I don’t have a place for important documents, in the cloud or otherwise. Now is the year to get all that together. I’m also interested in decluttering my life and with that thinking seriously about selling my comics and toys.

The importance of “real life.” Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Well, if it’s a fantasy I have a terrible imagination. There is a very real chance I will move for the first time in eleven years. I’m kind of anxious about the whole thing, but excited too. Other personal things may also come about this year, but I’m not going to get into it here. Suffice it to say, the real world is even more important than almost anything else.

Wow. Ten things. Easy as pie. Come on 2013… I got your number.