Weak in the Knee Part 1

As an athlete gone soft with age and inactivity, it is no fun to realize that you can’t really do the things you used to be able to do. I mean, I used to run about six miles on a Sunday for fun!

Unfortunately, at some point in 2008-2009, I hurt my knee. I took Aleve or Advil and tried to stay off of it. I probably put some ice on it to ease the pain. Eventually, it would feel better. For a little while.

Inevitably, I would aggravate it somehow and the pain would come back. Sometimes more intense. Sometimes just at a level of annoyance. It was a weak knee, I told myself. Running Cross Country for eight years finally caught up with me.

I had already went to the doctor in 2007 regarding my weak ankle. He did an MRI and found some micro-tears. It wasn’t really worth it to get fixed. I’d just have to be a bit more careful.

So, my exercise regiment was reduced to nothing. I tried swimming, treadmill running and the elliptical, but it just didn’t work for me. To be fair, I might not have given it a fair shot either. I’d like to get in better shape, I really would. It just seems my body was breaking down and exercise wasn’t helping.

Was I just getting old? I don’t particularly feel old. I’m just not as young as I used to be. Still, I had to do something.

As I was contemplating my exercising future last week, I made a mistake of squatting to get something from a cupboard and it really, really hurt getting back up. Nothing snapped. I didn’t lock my knee. I felt fine afterward. Until, the knee started buckling when I’d get up from a sitting position. Then, a week ago Friday, my knee decided to swell and really hurt. I iced it. I took meds. Nothing really worked. On Saturday, I could barely walk. On Sunday, all I did was lay on my couch, elevate my knee and ice it for 20 minutes on and off. Monday through Thursday was an even level of pain. I could walk with a heavy limp, but the Aleve cut the pain reasonably well. I continued to prop my knee up.

Earlier in the week, I had decided I needed to go see an Orthopedic surgeon to find out what I’d done. Maybe I’d get some anti-inflammatory meds and some physical therapy appointments. Alas, no. I was told I had a torn meniscus and he’d have to go in and scope it.

Luckily, I could get in on Monday for the surgery. I’ve never gone under general anesthesia, so I’m a little scared about that, but I shouldn’t worry about it too much. It’s outpatient surgery, so I’ll be home that same day and likely fairly loopy from the pain meds.

They say, I could be up and walking around on Tuesday or Wednesday. I wonder if I’ll be able to run again

Wish me luck.