For Shame

As you may have heard, an elected official in Kentucky has stopped issuing marriage licenses since the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in June. She hates gay marriage so much, she’s stopped issuing ALL marriage licenses.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but she has been married four times herself  and divorced three times. Obviously, her hypocrisy knows no bounds..

She keeps going to court and losing. Finally, she’s about to be presented with a hefty fine and sent to prison. What I want is for her is to be impeached since she’s an elected official and can’t really be fired, but since so many in Kentucky agree with her bigotry disguised as religious objection, it just isn’t going to happen. Pity.

Look missy, the debate is over. You and your bigoted, slow-minded brethren lost. If issuing marriage licenses to gay people gives you the heebee geebees and makes you feel all weird in your nether regions, then simply resign. The whole issuing marriage licenses is part of your job. Catholic pharmacists can’t stop selling birth control because their priest told them it was wrong. The world doesn’t work that way.

Bigots will continue to get support until they are shamed beyond reproach. As a nation, we need to re-enact the scene from 12 Angry Men and collectively turn our backs on these people. I’m not saying ignore them. I’m saying quit giving them a voice.

She isn’t a martyr. She isn’t a hero. She’s about to be shamed. I’m sure prison will suit her just fine.