Short Bursts

Friday the 13th Department
I’ve never been superstitious. I don’t care about broken mirrors, black cats, stepping on cracks or any of that. For me, it’s just another Friday I get to sit at my local Borders and chance a few sideways glances at the cute blonde a couple of tables over.  She has a nice MacBook Air… among other things.

Sasha Grey’s Dead Eyes Still Follow Me Department
I can’t decide if I like The Girlfriend Experience. I mean, I love Sasha Grey’s work in the movie. Her blank, expressionless face actually works well for a character who has to be detached in her work. It makes the one quick smile she lets out and the breakdown she has later all the more powerful.

It’s very much an indie film and that isn’t a bad thing. It’s shot beautifully with the camera stationed in interesting angles and spots. Obviously, the camera loves Sasha Grey and she benefits from having Soderberg direct her. He also plays to her best strength – her face.

Still, the underlining meaning of the movie escapes me. Is it about becoming so detached you can’t let anyone in or is it about what happens when you do let someone in and they don’t love you back. You decide.

Riding the Storm Out Department
I’ve now upgraded to the latest firmware for my Blackberry Storm. It took me this long because I had to do it at work on my PeeCee. Blackberry has never really been very Apple friendly, which is a mistake. I love my Apple MacBook and tolerate using a Windoze operating system. So, after taking nearly 30 minutes to download, upload and update what did I get?

Not much.

None of my downloaded and paid for Themes work correctly in landscape mode. The threaded text messaging is welcome. I’ll get used to the new features when typing. I gladly downloaded the paid StormSlider app because the free version didn’t work with the lock button anymore and I like the custom “screensaver” picture option.

All in all, hopefully it makes things zippier on the Storm. I’m not in love with the phone and I will jump ship to something like the new Google Android phones (iPhone on Verizon… pleasepleaseplease) sometime in the summer. Probably not soon enough.

Is Joss Whedon Really My Master Now? Department
In a move surprising to no one, Fox cancelled Dollhouse. A show, I will freely admit, I have not really got into yet. I started watching then decided it was a hassle. I’m guessing my experience is much like the rest of the potential viewers. Don’t worry, I’ll get around to it.

Of course, I could always DVR it or watch it online at various places. I’m sure many will simply wait for the DVD release and be happy with that. Which brings me to my biggest pet peeve: Nielson ratings. They are antiquated and have outlived their usefullness. I don’t know the numbers, but I’m sure we will see them soon enough and they will be shitty. My point is DVR, Hulu, iTunes, etc. won’t be factored in keeping or not keeping a show on the air. In fact, the different ways one can watch television besides sitting down in front of a TV hurts Nielson ratings. Of course, there is this tiny voice saying NO ONE WATCHES TV ON FRIDAY NIGHT ASSHOLES! THEY USE DVR/TAPE/HULU/iTUNES.

Oh well, chalk up another TV series with missed potential for Whedon. Bet he jumps right into that Dr. Horrible sequel ASAP.

Draw More Flies with Honey Department
I just had to kill a fly in my bedroom. It was buzzing around my bedlamp. I killed a spider the other day. There are beetles everywhere that need destroyed.

The calendar says I’m a few weeks into November. I really don’t want to have to think about killing insects until, say, April okay?

What Can You Do in Nine Months? Department
How do I feel about President Obama after nine months in office? I like him just fine, thank you. He’s done some things I like. He’s done some things I don’t like and he hasn’t moved fast enough on some things I wish he’d move faster on. I do realize there’s a lot on his plate, so I’m cutting him some slack on most everything.

What I love most about President Obama are two things: He is deliberate and he’s a bit of a geek. He isn’t a reactive sort of person. He’s calm, cool and thinks things through. He listens. He deliberates. This, of course, makes his enemies go into outrageous fits. They lose their shit. He stands above it.

Regarding his geek cred, the President brandished a toy lightsaber on the White House lawn. He knows Spock is from Vulcan. He knows what Dilithium Crystals are used for. That is full of win for me.

So The Cylon Plan Wasn’t Really a Plan? Department
I see boobs on the new Battlestar Galactica: The Plan. The rest is kind of a beautiful mess. Here’s a quick rundown. The Cylons had a plan and they didn’t follow through on that plan because the “skinjobs” started to actually like humanity. Every plan of attack was screwed up because the damn skinjobs couldn’t actually follow through on the one simple idea of killing everyone who wasn’t a Cylon.

It was kinda nice to see various plot points from the series from the perspective of the Cylons, but it didn’t really tell me anything new nor did it reveal anything earth-shattering about the Cylon plan. Does it succeed in being an entertaining bit of fluff? Sure, but not by much.

What Can You Do in Nine Months? Part Deux Department
My friend has been trying to have a baby for several years now. She had some disappointments in her past regarding pregnancy and I know they went through a lot regarding becoming potential parents.

Now all that’s gone away as they welcomes a beautiful and healthy baby girl to the world. I am so happy for them it hurts.