There are many steps a person goes through in their life. Milestones that mark a life moving forward. Most of them involve hitting a certain age or hitting height requirements at amusement parks. Sometimes a milestone is when you road your bicycle across town for the first time or drove your car more than just to school and back.

Of course, there are big moments that are shared among peers. Graduation is probably the first one that comes to mind.

Just a week or so ago, my daughter graduated high school. In many ways, it was her night. Her night to smile from ear to ear. Her night to pass through the doors into adulthood. However, it was tough to not think about myself and this time in my life when I was 18 and preparing for college.

It was a big deal to step out from my parents and learn to do things on my own. Guess what? I made mistakes. I tried new things, but I learned and I grew as an individual. While my daughter isn’t moving two hours away in the Fall, she is learning to do new things on her own like getting her first “grown-up” bank account. She had no idea how to do any of that.

Just a few days ago she started a “real” job. She’s learning how to deal with new people and how she works out is a reflection of myself and my girlfriend (because they work in the same building). It’s pressure, but a kind of “safe” pressure. A place to take seriously, but also a place where she can make a mistake and it won’t be devastating.

She’s getting hit with a lot of milestones, but she’s doing her best and taking one step at a time.