Leonard Nimoy, RIP

I’m getting to the age when heroes of mine are dying. Leonard Nimoy passed away today at 83. Here’s the New York Times obituary.

I’d have to say without a hint of exaggeration that his portrayal of Spock in Star Trek was the reason thousands of smart, lonely, oddball kids became scientists and writers and a million other occupations.

Thinking back, Spock really wasn’t my favorite character on Star Trek. My personal favorite is the Mirror Universe Spock with his van dyke beard and ability to say the words, “Your agonizer, please” and make it completely frightening and real.

Still, Nimoy was the face of the franchise. His Vulcan salute and “Live long and prosper” line resonate today. My favorite moments with Spock are always when he breaks his Vulcan emotionless exterior and smiles, laughs, or grabs Captain Kirk and yells, “Jim!”

I’m a little sad today, but I’m a little happy as well for the actor lived long and prospered.