Top of the World, Ma

My Mom is an exceptional person. Oh, she didn’t swim the English channel or find a cure for some disease. She was the classic homemaker who raised two sons and did a pretty good job. Some would say there’s nothing exceptional about that. I beg to differ.

Her father wasn’t really around when she was growing up and her sister is more than 10 years older. Her stories of growing up involve waiting on her mother to come home from work and playing by herself during the summer.

To me, she’s just always been there. At the ready to take care of any scrapes or bruises her daredevil of a son would inflict on himself. It was on her birthday, also New Year’s Eve, when I had my eye accident leaving me blind in my right eye. I’m sure I ruined whatever plans she might have had that night.

If you were to ask her about her family she would lead with her grandchildren and then maybe eventually work her way to talking about her own upcoming retirement. On many occasion she told us how we were the most important things in her life. We never needed reminding.

Just like your family, mine has it’s own private jokes. Many are at the expense of my Mom. As she is a classic worrier, she inevitably thinks she left a light on or the toilet running. My brother lost his wallet once when he was in high school and she will, out of some sort of sadistic habit to this day, ask him if he’s got it as we are ready to walk out the door.

My mother couldn’t boil water when she got married. Over the years, she has become one of the best cooks I know and always the person I turn to for cooking advice or a new recipe. I can’t count the times she made something fantastic and told me how easy it was to make. Her Thanksgiving feasts are something to experience.

She was always in the stands or audience cheering on her sons. Driving us to practice. Taking pictures. Fixing special pre-game meals. She encouraged us in whatever we wanted to do. No one supported my brother and me more than our Mom.

My mother is a really good mother. She doesn’t hear it nearly enough. So, thanks Mom. Thanks for everything.

Happy Mother’s Day.