Consume, Curate and Create

I’ve been struggling with balance regarding my online life. I have far too many online and offline projects I want to get done and my online machinations are taking up too much time. I feel I’m floundering trying to find a way to do everything I want and not really accomplishing anything. Lately, I’ve been consuming and curating far too much and creating far too little.

The smartest thing I should do is simply prioritize. The issue is at what point do I simply stop consuming, stop curating and simply create. How much can I do of each to find a balance? How much time can I devote? How much time should I really devote?

For consumption and curation, Google Reader and RSS feeds have been the internet for me. With the announcement it is going away, I’ve moved to Feedly which is actually an elegant solution. I love many Google products, but their design aesthetic is weak.

At one point, I had well over 100 feeds and my To Read number was the dreaded 1000+. In the last few months, I’ve culled all my feeds to under 50. The time it takes to consume those feeds is far less than it used to be, but I wonder if I can I drop it down even further? Maybe.

One of my time sucks has been Tumblr. It is incredibly easy to reblog whatever I find that catches my fancy. Even if I cull my Tumblr blogs (I follow Tumblr blogs via RSS and not in my Tumblr queue) down to just a few that can be thrown into anther category (For instance, the Doctor Who Official Tumblr blog can be dropped into my Pop Culture folder) and the rest go away, I really haven’t deleted much on the consumption side of things.

A serious internal debate is whether or not I should just delete my current Tumblr account all together. While I have a hundred or so people who “follow” my Tumblr, I have a lot more interested parties on Facebook and Twitter to share the kind of things that I would normally drop in Tumblr. Basically, I’m using it as a dumping ground digital notebook of things I found on the interwebs. I keep waffling on if that is a good use of my time. Probably not.

An idea I’m leaning towards is to create a new Tumblr to simply mirror original content I would put up on a new WordPress online home. I have no idea if I’d get any followers that way, but at least it would be original content. It would not be “reblogged” content, but hopefully it might be “rebloggable” content.

I’ve written a bunch of words on this subject and I’m still unsure of what I should do. Sigh.