The Great CD/DVD Reorganization

I made a big decision. I’ve decided to get rid of most of my CD and DVD cases and house my collection in nice faux leather binders and classy looking containers.

With great reluctance, I took every one of my one or two disc DVD sets, trashed the cases and kept only the insert. The faux leather binders look nice on my shelf and most of them are set up to house one or two DVDs and the insert. Many of my DVDs didn’t have an insert, so I housed those in larger binders. What once took up three shelves, now takes up barely half of one shelf. It isn’t quite a uniform look, but it is fairly consistent.

What has remained, so far, are DVD collections of more-than-two-discs such as television show box sets and cool collectible containers such as the complete Buffy collection. Those may go away too. I’m undecided, but leaning toward eliminating them as well.

My CDs are another matter. Most, but not all, have already been ripped into digital files to play on my iPod. When that’s complete, one has to wonder what benefit there is to keep the CDs? I thought about it and decided to keep them all for my daughter to discover/steal someday.

Currently, I had two shelves of two rows of CDs in their full cases. Some of the CDs were basically mix CDs I had created over the years. I like playlists and a mix of songs, but my iPod does it much more efficiently. I’ve separated the mix CDs from the commercial CDs and I’m now in the process of keeping the CD/Inserst and throwing away the rest of the cases.

I found these awesome containers at Target specifically designed to hold two CDs and two inserts per sleeve. The packaging says each container can hold 80 discs, but I doubt I can fit that many discs and inserts in each case.

Overall, I will have saved a significant amount of space on my shelf. It just means I need more movies and music!