Viewing Habits

Having a Tivo has pretty much changed my television viewing habits. For example, I’m behind on pretty much every one of my hour long dramas. Burn Notice, Fringe, The Shield and Heroes are all sitting there in my que.

I’ve been enjoying Burn Notice in fits and starts. I like just about everyone on the show and the addition of Tricia Helfer was an absolute coup, but I have to admit I’m dying for more overall arc stories instead of just one-offs.

I saw the pilot of Fringe and then have not spent anytime watching the rest of the season. I hear good things. People seem to dig it. I’ll probably play catch up.

I’m only a couple of episodes behind on The Shield. I’m savoring these episodes because I know the goodness is going to be seeping from every pained expression, every gang banger’s empty rhetoric and every behind the scenes deal. I really don’t have any idea how its going to end, but I have a feeling nobody is getting out of this very clean.

Lastly, we have Heroes. It seems there’s been talk of even more character overload this season. I haven’t watched a single episode yet and I’ve pretty much avoided most spoilers. I’ll probably sit down and try and carve out some time for the show. However, if I sense suckage I might switch back to One Tree Hill.

I’ve given up on 24 and Smallville (save for the Legion episode. Yeah Legion!). Anything I should be watching?