I Got Rock and Roll Pneumonia

I’ve seen KISS eight times. Twice on the Asylum Tour, Alive/Worldwide (Reunion) Tour, Psycho Circus Tour, Farewell Tour, World Domination, Rock the Nation Tour and now the Alive/35 Tour. I’m a big fan. I’ve got a couple of real vintage posters (one framed) and several books/DVDs/bootlegs. Although to be fair, I’m not even close to being a megafan.  I met two such individuals on this last trip to see the hottest band in the world.

Mike has a one-of-a-kind light up KISS logo in his basement. Jeff has a fully restored KISS pinball machine. I coveted both like nobody’s business. They had other stuff too. Pictures, dolls, magazines, posters and other cool collectible items. There’s just so much stuff out there. I’ve never ever entertained the idea of going to a KISS Expo, although I bet I could find the KISS baseball jersey I’m looking for at the one in Indy.

Aside from the KISS basements, the band put on a fantastic show. It was great fun seeing the band with two people who had never seen them live before. It really is an experience. A KISS show ain’t four guys in ripped up jeans singing songs. It’s a full production with smoke, fire, explosions, flying, lights, video, confetti and so much more. Not to mention the good time rock and roll that isn’t meant to change the world.

Sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered. The doctor of love, of course.