Inspired by Josh Gitner and his Fresh Links, I’m making my own collection of links I think are worthy of review. Happy clicking.

January 24, 2021

The Unlamented Man
John Scalzi on Trump: “Here is my hope for the man: That no one ever has to think about him again. That his capacity for injury is limited only to those who choose to put themselves in his path.”

Hank Aaron, Home Run King Who Defied Racism, Dies at 86

Meet the Ansel Adams of Liquor Store Photography
I need to buy this book.

7 Ways Trump Changed Sports Forever
Pretty much the last one is the important one.

The Complete List of Trump’s Twitter Insults (2015-2021)
It’s nice to have a record of an asshole.

A QAnon ‘Digital Soldier’ Marches On, Undeterred by Theory’s Unraveling
Cognitive dissonance is a horrible thing.

“Joe Exotic,” with limo waiting outside prison, fails to get Trump pardon
Isn’t this guy’s 15 minutes of fame just about used up?

Joe Biden’s Long Road to the Presidency
It’s a good story.

What Fresh Hell Awaits Us Now?
Lots of good thoughts here.

Don Sutton, Baseball Hall of Fame Pitcher, Dies at 75

DC launches DC Universe Infinite, which is where the comic books live now
I don’t care so much, but I do wonder if this is the future of the medium.

Donald Trump Is Out. Are We Ready to Talk About How He Got In?
I really, really doubt it.

Obituary for a Failed Presidency
Go away and never come back.

Witless Ape Rides Helicopter
The National Review pulls no punches.

Big Baby Has No Friends

Gene Simmons Gets Real About KISS, Being Jewish and…Crypto Currency
Sigh. It’s a nice bit about growing up that I already knew and the obligatory Gibson partnership mention. I guess I wish he’d focus solely on KISS, but I understand he has lots of other interests.

Larry King, Legendary Journalist and Radio Host, Dies at 87

How to Kill MAGA Nation’s Brain Worms
I don’t think it’s possible. Deprogramming cultists seems like a no-win scenario.

Comic book artist’s sudden death a shock: ‘We had no idea he had Covid’
Steve Lightle was one of my favorite artists growing up. I really liked his take on the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Joe Biden Wants You to Just Calm the Heck Down

Joe Biden Removing Trump’s ‘Diet Coke Button’ From the Oval Office Prompts Wave of Jokes
This is easily the only thing Trump liked about being President. 

RIP Mira Furlan, the Heart of Babylon 5

The Moderation War Is Coming to Spotify, Substack, and Clubhouse

White House Cleanup After Donald Trump’s Departure Cost at Least $127,000
Unbelievable and totally believable.

Most sensational: The 5 episodes to watch when The Muppet Show comes to Disney+
I should spend some time watching The Muppet Show. I certainly did not appreciate it when it was on.

Fuck Your Perfectionism
Mark Mason is on fire.

At last, “Jessie’s Girl” from Jessie’s girl’s perspective
This made me laugh so hard.

James Hetfield and the News – “Hip to Be the Sandman”
Let’s end on something ridiculously fun.


January 17, 2021

The ‘Star Wars’ Fans Who Actually Prefer the Books
What an incredibly shitty post. This story isn’t about fans, it’s about one dude who has a Star Wars website full of erotic stories like the one about Rey trading sex for meal portions who when he was a kid really dug the adventures of… I dunno… Mara Jade and Dash Rendar? What a great idea for an article completely devoid of anything worthwhile. 

‘Whatever I can do to help’: Illini manager Bobby Gikas brings ‘juice’ from the bench
Stop doomscrolling and read this profile of Bobby. He’s awesome. It’s a great day to have a great day!

How a Presidential Rally Turned Into a Capitol Rampage
The New York Times with an amazing visual timeline through images, videos, and infographics about what exactly happened. It is overwhelming.

All That For Just Another Alabama Title
I didn’t watch, but I appreciate the author here decrying the college football landscape during a time of COVID.

McConnell is said to be pleased about impeachment, believing it will be easier to purge Trump from the G.O.P.
I’m guessing this story is outdated before I put this up.

Mary Miller and her ilk must resign
It’s fun to write about and “demand,” but none of this is going to happen. It just isn’t going to happen. They have actualized and monetized being shameless and so nothing will actually happen to these people. You can’t shame them into doing the right thing, they don’t believe they were doing the wrong thing. 

Parler’s Implosion, Explained
When Fox News implodes let me know…

Pirate Bay Founder Thinks Parler’s Inability to Stay Online Is ‘Embarrassing’
Next level owning.

A Closer Look at the ‘QAnon Shaman’ Leading the Mob
The horned fur hat dude with the facepaint and all the tattoos is, unsurprisingly, a weird-ass human being. “He calls himself Jake Angeli, or Jacob, or Yellowstone Wolf, or Loan Wolf, or AlphaMale @USAwolfpack (his Twitter handle), or QAnon shaman. (His real name, it emerged on Saturday when he was arrested, is Jacob Anthony Chansley).” This person has broken with reality. 

Did We Receive a Message from a Planet Orbiting the Nearest Star?
Probably not, but what if?

New York Dolls Guitarist Sylvain Sylvain Dead at 69

Bill Belichick Isn’t That Stupid
I don’t have a strong opinion on Belichick, but he at least read the room correctly.

What Happens in the Mirror Universe Where Darren Aronofsky Made Batman Instead of Christopher Nolan?
This is a fun trip down an imaginary lane. I quibble about Rosario Dawson’s roles, but otherwise interesting.

Welcome to Zollywood
A GQ profile of Zendaya. These are so well-written.

“Worry is fear in sheep’s clothing. If you can create certainty in those areas of your life where worry lives, then you don’t give it what it needs to survive and thrive.”

An Oral History of Wikipedia, the Web’s Encyclopedia
These are always pretty good.

Siegfried Fischbacher, Illusionist Icon of Siegfried & Roy Duo, Dies at 81

Dave Grohl’s teenage obsessions: ‘I learned drums by arranging pillows on my floor’
It’s kind of what I did even though I never really learned how to play drums.

Refrigerators Are Finally Embracing the Good Ice
Ah, Sonic ice.

23 Weeks of Star Trek Reminded Me of the Simple Pleasure in a Job Well Done

Harold N. Bornstein, Trump’s Former Personal Physician, Dies at 73
Sad. This was a really weird dude. My friend Grant said, “You can tell it’s the last season of the show when they start killing off beloved characters from early arcs.”

The Future of Superhero Movies Is the Multiverse
I’ve been saying this for a long time.

Abolish the lame-duck period
Yes. A million times yes. Take the Electoral College too.

Why Aren’t We Wearing Better Masks?
This is bothersome.

Urban Meyer Is A Flashy Hire By A Desperate Owner
I guess? I kinda don’t think he’s desperate.

Joanne Rogers, Widow of Fred Rogers, Has Died at the Age of 92

‘Why Do I Spend Weeks Avoiding Tasks That Will Take Me 10 Minutes to Do?’
It me.

Defund the GOP
One of the better Lincoln Project videos. Hope they play it all over Fox News.


January 10, 2021

What just happened this week?
What a year this week has been! I can’t even begin to process everything.

D.C. Statehood Is More Urgent Than Ever
I think this might actually get done…

The Silence of the Damned
“My lasting image of President Trump is of a guy shitposting his way through a single term in office, one finger on the nuclear button, the others glued to his phone.”

Worst Revolution Ever
They are all going to prison.

It Was Supposed to Be So Much Worse

Pence has not ruled out 25th Amendment, source says
This story will be outdated in 3, 2, 1…

Georgia Has Been Blue For a Long Time
Good insight from Will Leitch

Georgia Shows the GOP’s Dismal Future Without Trump

The Georgia Runoffs Should Scare the GOP
Yup, part two.

Seth Meyers Calls For Trump’s Removal After Violent Insurrection at Capitol
He’s not the only one…

Hey, Republicans Who Supported This President: Are We Great Again Yet?
Colbert does not mince words.

The Capitol rioters put themselves all over social media. Now they’re getting arrested.
And fired from their jobs, and losing book deals, and added to No-Fly lists.

These Black Capitol Police Officers Describe Fighting Off “Racist-Ass Terrorists”
They were racists? I’m shocked! /sarcasm

74 of Our Favorite Facts for 2020
I’m rather partial to the interestingness of #19, the obviousness of #32, the forward-thinking of #46, and the history of #70.

How on Earth Are They Going to Pull Off the Olympics?
It’s a good question.

Everything We Know About Joe Biden’s Inauguration
Most importantly, that he’s going to be president.

The STAR WARS Timeline Has New Official Eras
This is kinda cool.

Tanya Roberts, a Charlie’s Angel and a Bond Girl, Is Dead at 65

The Nirvana of Ben Affleck
I’m sure Ben and I could be good friends, but you know the whole movie-star thing. I like Dunkin Donuts coffee too…

The Insurrectionists Among Us
They are your friends from high school, cousins, and church leaders. 

Hall of Fame Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda dies at 93

Free as in Twitter
Trump versus Twitter is pretty simple.

The Best Of The Internet (2020)
Only the good stuff. Watch the 2019 one too.



January 2, 2021

The Plague Year
This isn’t a magazine article, it’s more like a book. I haven’t read it all yet.

Top Ten Lunatics of 2020
It’s pretty much #1 all the way down.

Top Ten Predictions for 2021
#4 only works if he’s arrested, convicted, and sent to prison

The ashes of James Doohan— Scotty from Star Trek— are aboard the International Space Station
Boldly going…

The pop culture that brought us joy in 2020
This is a really weird list, but to each their own.

The Internet Can Belong To You Again
The essay part is good, but I don’t give a shit about Drew’s favorite shite band or candy. Also, I really don’t care about his football picks and who should get fired next. Stick with the essays, man…

Why on Earth Was Christopher Nolan Trying to Lure Us Into Movie Theaters Teeming With Pathogens to Watch Tenet?
I think I’d go with “celebrity obliviousness.”

The Year of the Idiot
It’s a bit disheartening isn’t it?

So, What Is a Ranger of the New Republic Anyway?
I was wondering that myself… Don’t worry, this article doesn’t have an answer either.

Thoughtful rumination on things big and small.

Phil Niekro, Baseball Hall of Fame Pitcher, Dies at 81

1,273 People Share Their Best Life Lessons from 2020
One of the better end of year things I’ve read so far.

What happens when a 14-year-old superfan writes to his favorite NBA and WNBA stars in the bubble?
Coach Pop was pretty cool.

The Padres Are Doing What Every Other Team Could
This is frustrating as a Cardinals fan.

In The Midnight Sky, George Clooney the Director Fails George Clooney the Actor
I liked it, but I didn’t love it.

Here’s Why Distribution of the Vaccine Is Taking Longer Than Expected
We have fucking idiots in charge. I’m hoping things change rapidly after January 20.

Bret Bielema: Illinois Home Grown
What a great story.

Cowards Are Destroying the GOP

Becky Hammon Took The Next Step
This is a pretty cool story.

Pretty Great, Pretty Loud, Pretty Expensive, Pretty Heavy, and Pretty
Apple’s new headphones are not for me. At $550, waaaaaayy too expensive. 

7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose
Mark Manson back to writing shit that’s pretty great (see what I did there? See above)

Stop Waiting for Things to Go ‘Back to Normal’
They won’t.

The Worst Tweets Of 2020

Dawn Wells, Mary Ann on ‘Gilligan’s Island,’ Dies at 82

Who Did J.K. Rowling Become?
I simply don’t understand.

How To Get What You Want in 2021. Despite COVID-19.
Nicholas Bate with a definitive list.

Do You Love Me?
Not the KISS song. Right before the robot uprising.