Patrick Rhone wrote at length about having enough time and what you chose to do with the same amount of time everyone else has.

The difference is how we choose to spend that time. There may be some very valid reasons why you choose to spend your 24 hours differently than how I choose mine. And, there are some things we all have to choose in order to simply stay alive. We all need to sleep, at some point, for instance. But, trust me, even those are choices.

Our view of time and how we choose to spend it says a great deal about us. For example, consistently staying late at work takes away from family time. Spending hours binge watching a television show versus sleeping or reading says something.

We say we don’t have enough time. Are we that time poor or are we just wasting time?

What can you do to make better use of your time? What can I do?

March 21, 2018

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